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How can I make sure to get all of my security deposit back?

Friday, November 18, 2016

We like to refund full security deposits! We are so glad you are reading this FAQ and will help do your part to ensure you will receive your full security deposit back. As always, consult your Lease and the Resident Handbook for full details. But, here are some key tips:  Read More »

What if I need to terminate my lease before the end date?

Friday, November 18, 2016

We know that when you signed the lease you intended to stay at least that long, but we understand that sometimes things just come up and you have to move. The biggest thing to understand is that the lease still obligates you to be responsible for the property until the lease end date, even if you move out early; including paying the rent, keeping utilities on, keep the property secure, clean, lawn cared for and everything else in the lease. Having said that, we want to help. So, let us know when you will be moving out and we will do our part to re-rent the property as quickly as possible. Once we have a new lease signed, you will no longer be responsible for the property effective the date of the new lease. This process will include also some fees, which you will find outlined in your lease, for which you will be responsible. Please also understand we cannot process your security deposit until after we have that new lease signed. This FAQ is meant to give you some guidance, but you need to consult the lease for the full details on how to terminate your lease early.  Read More »