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Short-Term Rentals Heating Up In Charlotte

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Short-term rentals are no longer just for pleasure vacations. They are now being used for business trips, visiting family or any other travel needs. Throughout 2016 we had several prospective clients ask us if we would manage their short-term rentals. As we did more research we observed that this is a fast growing market in Charlotte. We also crunched the numbers and saw that as occupancy rates rise there is greater profit potential with short-term rentals than long-term rentals. So, Group 15 Real Estate is now offering this service and it is going really well! If you are thinking of buying an investment property, as us about the potential of doing it as a short-term rental.  Read More »

Charlotte Rent Prices going up or down?

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Throughout the city we have seen a very consistent appreciation in rental prices of about 3-4% for several years. The secret has been out for years that Charlotte is one of the nation's top investments for real estate rentals and we have continued to see investors gobbling up properties. The rental appreciation is important for the investor because this is a hedge against inflation that you do not find in many other investment opportunities. However, last week an article was published that shows a decline in rental prices in Uptown Condos. This is due to a saturation and built in expectation of impending saturation of more Uptown condos and nearby multi-family apartments.  Read More »