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My Tenant Isn’t Paying Rent, What Do I Do? | Charlotte Property Management Tips

Matthew Tringali - Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Most tenants are well meaning and intend to pay the rent on time every month. If they aren’t paying on time, it’s probably because they have fallen on hard times in some way and they just cannot come up with the money. They’re going to want to tell you about it.

Tenants and Late Rent

When you hear their story, you’ll want to give them more time. At first, it might just be a week that they need, but then it will turn into a month that they haven’t paid, and then several months. Eventually, it will spiral out of control and you won’t have any rent coming in. You’ll be frustrated, and you’ll wonder where you went wrong.

Enforce Your Lease

You went wrong by making an emotional decision with your rental property in Charlotte. You need to treat your rental property like a business from the beginning. This means having a lease and enforcing the policies in the lease. So when the tenants don’t pay at Group 15, we tell them we understand. We assume they will come up with the money, but in the meantime, we need to stick with our policies and begin the eviction process. It takes several weeks before we get in front of the magistrate, and the tenants have the opportunity to come up with the money before then. Most of the time, they do, and the eviction is avoided. We move on.

In case they don’t come up with the money, we have already started the process. That means we won’t have any more than 45 days of them not paying rent while living in the property. 

If you find yourself in the situation that your tenant is not paying rent, please contact us at Group 15 Real Estate. We can help with all your Charlotte property management needs.

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