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Answering Ten Economic Questions for 2011

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One of my favorite blogs, Calculated Risk, recently posed ten economic questions to ponder for 2011. Here are my quick hit answers to some of those questions:   Read More »

QE2, inflation and what it means for real estate.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

While I enjoy being a lifelong student of economy, I can easily see that there are a great many people way smarter than I am that are trying to make sense of our current set of circumstances. For most of us, up until recently we may have thought that QE2 might be something akin to Carbon Dioxide. But, if you have been paying any attention to the news lately you know that Quantitative Easing is all the hubbub. And like any present day issue, it is, of course, highly politicized with its detractors and supporters. Here's the 10 second elevator speech on QE2: "A lot of really smart people are concerned about inflation, but they are even more concerned about deflation. So, they are going to print lots of money as an attempt to fight against deflation, even if it leads to higher inflation." Please comment below if you have a more refined or better definition that might shed some light on the issue.   Read More »

Who benefited from the Tax Credit?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In response to our last blog post about the tax credit I had a good discussion with one of our friends on facebook. She asked, "who really benefited from the tax credit: the buyer or the seller?" Of course, the general idea behind the tax credit was that the buyer would be getting a house at current market value AND would be getting $8,000. But, what if the prices were instead just inflated by $8,000 or more?   Read More »