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The Right Way to Evict a Tenant from Your Rental Property in Charlotte, NC

Matthew Tringali - Wednesday, June 7, 2017

There are basically three ways to properly evict a tenant in North Carolina, and today we’re going over those options with you.

Cash for Keys

The first option is cash for keys, which is when you offer the tenants some money to cover their moving expenses if they can be out by the weekend, leave the property in excellent condition, and turn in the keys. For some landlords, it feels uncomfortable to offer the tenants money when they actually owe you money. However, it is the most efficient, cost effective, and fastest way to get a nonpaying tenant out of your property. It also ensures the property is left intact, and you’ll be able to rent it again quickly.

Summary Ejectment

Evicting a tenant in Charlotte can also happen through the courts. You can file a Summary Ejectment. First, you need to check your lease and see if it waives the 10 Day Notice, which is required in North Carolina. Our leases at Group 15 waive this notice period, and you should check your own lease. From there, you’ll file the Summary Ejectment with the local magistrate. After you wait out the 10 day appeal period, you can file a Writ of Possession with the local sheriff. This will take about 45 days, depending on your county, and may cost you a few hundred dollars.

Declare the Property Abandoned

Finally, you can take the dramatic step of assuming the tenants no longer live in the property, since they aren’t paying rent. When you declare the property abandoned, you are more or less taking the law into your own hands. It comes with a lot of liability and legal risks, and we don’t recommend you proceed this way.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you find you may need to evict your tenant, we can help you. Please contact us at Group 15 Real Estate, and we can help you with your Charlotte tenant eviction or anything else related to Charlotte property management.

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