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Everyone knows a Realtor and you may even be related to one. But, is knowing a Realtor a good enough reason to hire him or her? Here are a few good questions to ask when interviewing a buyer’s agent:

Are you full-time? The vast majority of licensed agents are part-time. A full-time agent will have a much greater breadth of experience and depth of expertise upon which to draw when advising you.

How would I identify a house with Masonite siding, synthetic stucco and aluminum wiring and what are the concerns with owning a house with one of these conditions? Most agents would not recognize these items and just wait for you to waste your money on a due diligence fee and a home inspection before realizing you should have known this information before you went under contract to make an informed financial decision. Group 15 Real Estate has this right practical expertise!

What do your past clients say about you, both good and bad? Group 15 Real Estates publishes our reviews directly on our home page. These are not testimonials written by us… they are actual reviews from actual clients.

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