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Home Improvements

Property Services for Buyers and Sellers

When buying or selling a home, professional property maintenance can make all of the difference. Buyers turn to us for help with cleaning the home, washing windows and sprucing up the yard before they move in. Sellers contract with us to ensure that the home makes the right first impression and has great curb appeal. Additionally, we handle any improvements identified during contract negotiations to make your transaction a success.

Maintenance for Primary Residence Homeowners

Group 15 Real Estate offers all of these same great service to buyer primary residence homeowners, as we provide to our landlord, buyer and seller clients! No matter your needs while living in your home, we are ready to help!

Construction Coordination

Group 15 Real Estate not only handles routine maintenance, but we are also able to leverage our technicians and contractors to coordinate other property construction projects. Whatever project you are considering, we will provide you a quote and scope that will be sure to impress.

If you are a property owner looking for maintenance or construction help with your property, whether a landlord, seller, buyer or investor, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch very soon.

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