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Rental Maintenance Services


Group 15 Real Estate employs a balanced approach of skilled in-house maintenance technicians for routine tasks and small projects, accompanied by management of an extensive list of exclusive area contractors for specialized or large projects. All work is insured and warrantied, and when applicable utilizes the appropriate licensure. We make these services available, first and foremost to Group 15 Real Estate landlord, buyer and seller clients. We are also pleased to provide service to the general public.

Rental Maintenance

Maintaining your rental properties can be one of the more stressful, but ultimately unavoidable, aspects of owning a property investment. Here are some short-term mistakes which ultimately create more long-term stress and problems:

  • Ignore tenant requests.
  • Extend repair times while shopping around for the best price.
  • Use “moonlighting” contractors.

These mistakes may save a few dollars on any given repair, but will lead to an unhappy tenant that will be much more costly when that tenant decides later if they are willing to increase the rent, if they are willing to even renew at all. Additionally, low quality repairs could create more problems with the property itself which could be even more expensive to repair it correctly later. Group 15 Real Estate is sensitive to the trust that we have to find the right balance of fair price, high quality and fast repairs. As such, we control costs by utilizing our in-house technicians as much as possible and negotiating the best bulk pricing we can when hiring area contractors. Through this practice and relationships, we not only can provide fair pricing and high quality repairs, but most importantly, we keep the tenant happy by completing repairs as quickly as possible.

Property Evaluations and Recommendations for Property Improvements

Group 15 Real Estate will perform numerous visual evaluations of your property:

  • Initial Comprehensive Evaluation: Upon initially on-boarding your property for management, we will do a comprehensive evaluation with the purpose of getting a baseline understanding of your properties needs. We will identify needs your property may have to prepare it for future marketing, as well as identify proactive repairs and improvements that could be made to provide tenants with the best experience renting your property with the fewest repairs during tenancy. These proactive repairs will also prevent future more costly reactive repairs.
  • Quarterly Property Evaluations: We will evaluate your property once every quarter. We have a friendly reason to visit the tenant in order to check the air filters on their behalf. While we are there we will complete a brief checklist to evaluate any unpermitted pets, signs of smoking or other areas of concern.
  • Move-Out Evaluation: We will use this opportunity to not only evaluate for items which may impact the tenant security deposit, but also improvements to best market the property for sale or for rent as well as opportunities for proactive maintenance.

Construction Coordination

Group 15 Real Estate not only handles routine maintenance, but we are also able to leverage our technicians and contractors to coordinate other property construction projects. Whatever project you are considering, we will provide you with a quote and scope that will be sure to impress.

If you are a property owner looking for maintenance or construction help with your property, whether a landlord, seller, buyer or investor, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch very soon.

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